I just dropped 150lbs of weight!

I believe I can fly! Actually I know I’m touching the sky! A 100 lbs of clothes & 50 lbs of shoes & 25 lbs of boots (oops that over 150 lbs) 2 full closets emptied and donated to a great cause. As I sat and sorted through 3 walk-in closets full of business suits, church attire, I don’t how many jeans, a Plethora of shirts & sweaters it made me realized how much I don’t need. I’m not a minimalist but it make me appreciate those who are. I’m sure if you sort through your closets, you will find you only where 1/4 of what’s in there. So Why do we hold on to that one unique outfit that makes us  look sexy.  Most likely you won’t wear it again the uniqueness of it stands out so everyone will remember the last time you wore it. It’s surface thinking, but that’s how we think most times.

I didn’t realize when I decided to take this journey abroad it would make me examine the small details of my life. What am I holding on to that is weighing me down that I can’t move without thoughts of the weights? Are you pondering your next move? What are  some things that are weighing you down? Hint: if you got to decide how am I going to take care of this to make my move… then it’s a weight. It can be your house, your grown ass kids, your co-dependent relationship, your negative family to name a few.  You may not be able to make a move like I have in my life (timing plays a huge factor) but you can sort through the weighs in your life and daily start to shed your pounds.  Stay encouraged and remember to live because you only have one chance at it. YOLO!