Putting 48 years into a few boxes.

How insane is that? Or is it? As I continue to release all my materials possessions the more liberated I feel. Most would say, “what are you going to do when you return from your journey ?” My answer will be, ” Live”. Letting go what no longer needed gives me room to receive what’s been waiting to show up in my life. I’m in the receiving mode now. I’ve been giving & accumulating all my life, now it’s time to let go & live. Let go, excuses. Let go fears. Let go unlimited beliefs. Let go of wasted time. And yes, Let go furniture that just collects dust and soak up all my energy as I try to convince myself that it’s needed. So as I pack my few boxes of important documents mostly, I smile and daydream about all the possibilities the Universe have out there for me to receive. Courage is not automatic it’s built through faith. I have faith that as I pack 48 years inside a few small boxes that my next 48 years will be lived outside the box!