I replaced 250k worth of rental insurance with Freedom

We insure our cars. We insure our furniture. We even insure our jewelry. All things that can’t live unless we use them. But the only way we insure our lives is in death. We make sure that someone else live in our death. The word “Selfish” has scared us in feeling guilty. We feel guilty to live our dreams, we feel guilty to take a vacation, we even feel guilty about getting a massage. What is life if it can’t be insured while you are living. I insured my happiness! So I dropped 250k of rental insurance and replaced it with travel insurance. Insurance that allows me to live and not my inanimate items. Now wait, don’t think this blog is about being careless and not covering items with insurance. It’s about thinking deeper about how we pass our lives by securing thing that don’t bring joy to our lives and we abandon ourselves without thought. What are your dreams? What will bring joy to your life. I can promise if you think long , deep & hard about it. It won’t come with a price tag that requires insurance on it. What does your freedom look like? Mine looks like traveling the world and connecting to different people, cultures and learning the real meaning of life.