My Next

Good morning! I’ve been in full preparation for about 3 years preparing and testing the waters for my decision for 2020. If you follow me you remember when I took my week trip to Russia. That trip was a test of my faith & fear of the unknown and being out of my element in a country that was beautiful in structures but cold at heart. Then later I left for Korea for a little over a month. Both trips was also testing my business to see how it operates without my presence.

The E Myth revisited has been my bible for business. Micheal Gerber writes about small businesses and why they fail. One of the biggest reasons is because their businesses CAN NOT operate without the owner. There are not systems set in place for automation for any staff member to run. Well I have been setting systems, training and testing for 3 years now. And it’s anointed by God.

So what’s next! The big test! In 2020 I will LIVING ABROAD in 12 different countries studying my craft of Wellness from the Eastern world perspective for a full YEAR! I WILL BE LIVING MY DREAM. I will be stepping out of my practitioner role and fully into my business owner role. Solely working on its growth. My vision is huge and it expands beyond the United States. My faith is larger than my Fear and I’m jumping into my NEXT with both feet. Obedience is better than sacrifice!

Not only will Breathe Holistic Health & Wellness Spa Be continuing its operations but it will continue to thrive!

****If you are fear base person please don’t comment on my post because your energy is deadly. *****

I’ve done my homework and God got me like always. Watch me Fly!!!!!