Kurundi Daniels

Welcome, to my digital dwelling

HI,  please allow me to warmly introduce myself.

I am a SPIRTUAL being having a  HUMAN experience; on a  journey learning, growing and remembering  my way back home.


….so through my life experiences


I INSPIRE, TEACH &  EQUIP women during their healing journeys’ to dive deeper within their inner being & bring forth  their  AUTHENTIC SELF.

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer

Kurundi Daniels - Born into Suffocation

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t breathe? Felt like the world around was crashing and you didn’t have any control in the matter. Born in to Suffocation was a book written with you in mind. The Author walks you through her personal struggles being suffocated and share her experiences on how she is now living her life Authentically.

Kurundi Daniels

Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2018

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M. Jackson

Co-Authored Awakened to Wellness

Awaken to Wellness is a collective of eleven Health & Wellness Leaders who globally came together to tell their stories and to give valuable tips you can apply to your day to day lives. I had the honor to mark the pages of Chapter 5 titled “Inspire”.

Kurundi Daniels

Butterfly, butterfly

by Beginning of my Chapter

“When the student is ready… the teacher shall appear.”